Wholesale Distributors Net – Free advertising business pages – We provide free advertising business pages for manufacturers, wholesalers & auction sites. Our market is manufacturers, wholesalers, auction sites and those who provide services to manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

What Wholesale Distributors Net Doesn’t Do
We don’t have mailing lists or newsletters, so we are spam free. We don’t sell, rent, lease, give away, trade or barter our advertisers lists, unless requested by law enforcement. We don’t require downloads.

Because we are a ‘read only’ site, the risk to you as a visitor, is nil, when the content is under our control. We don’t care who you are, preferring to value your privacy. If you fill out a visitor’s survey form, we appreciate it though, and will use that information to provide better content in the future, but we don’t gather personally identifiable information about our visitors. We only collect information that tells us how you got here, how you viewed us which helps us to design pages that are easy for you to read, and we see where you went while you were here. This is all very typical webmaster fact gathering, to better serve you. This paragraph constitutes our privacy policy.

Who Is Wholesale Distributors Net?
Wholesale Distributors Net is a free online business to business resource with information on wholesalers and manufacturers, with a focus on industry news. The Wholesale Distributors Net was launched to provide an affordable promotion option to small business owners. Secondary, Wholesale Distributors Net was founded to provide an easy and efficient method of finding new trading partners within the manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retail trades, as well as the B2B service industry.

Who Is Baggage Auctions Map?
We are a listing service for auction related information and online reader service for the latest information on Auctions and Airport baggage resources.  Our parent website is Wholesale Distributors Net.

Our Updated Mission
Wholesale Distributors Net was originally founded to provide a means of promotion for American companies. The intent was to give American companies a strong foothold in the wholesale market place. Since the launch of WDN, we have discovered many fine companies providing honest, valuable goods and service with a long time history, who are located in other countries. Our goal is not to be the biggest, just the best. We give preference to the companies who have a good Better Business Bureau rating, as well as those who participate in and are compliant with Certified Fair Trade practices.

Our Guarantee?
Wholesale Distributors Net makes no guarantee when you get to any website that the site will be live, or that the vendor will still be in business. We update the directory, check for bad links on a regular basis, unlike most of our competitors, trying to save you time as you surf our leads.

Wholesale Distributors Net also makes no guarantee that any vendor is a GOOD vendor. You must use reasonable prudence in selecting your new trading partners. However, in the course of selecting businesses for this directory, on average, we found one vendor to add to the directory for every 10 we viewed.

Some we have personal experience with, and they have been added because they are some of the finest people, and most honest business people you will meet, even though their business is small. You will find these businesses in the navigational menu found at the bottom of the pages. When we find a business who has developed a track record of bad transactions, we pull it.